Evangelism Tools

Evangelism tools are designed to help believers share the gospel in a simple and powerful way.

First Aid for your Soul

This evangelism tool contains Christmas music from local and national artists combined with testimonies of people who have encountered the real meaning of Christmas and a clear gospel message. This is a great tool to use to reach out to family, neighbors and coworkers that don't have a surrendered relationship with Christ. To find out more or purchase first aid for your soul CDs please click the banner below.

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Real Love

Real Love is our newest evangelism tool with music from Misty Edwards from the International House of Prayer, Jason Upton, Brian and Jenn Johnson from Bethel Redding and Jaeson Mae as well as local artists Paul Anleitner, Joey Stontz and Jesse Abraham.

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How to Know God

We developed the How to Know God booklet because we were looking for a tract type evangelism tool that would take people through a deep surrender and call to repentance as well as clearly explain the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This is the result. You can order How to Know God booklets for $1 each by calling 763.390.8900 or email info@trinityworks.org.

These are also available in Spanish. To see a pdf of the booklet click on the image to the right.

True Love

True Love is a tool designed specifically with the sexually broken in mind. Most sexual brokenness starts with father wounds. True Love has teaching on the Father's Love, and encounter experience and stories of people who have experienced God's love and healing from sexual brokenness. If you are interested in purchasing copies of the True Love CD (for a suggested donation of $2 each) then email info@trinityworks.org or call 763.390.8900.